In 1990 Kevin Mutlow decided to take a training course with the British school of motoring, and then aged just 21 Kevin was interested in starting a multi car driving school to cover East Anglia alongside other business interests. After passing all 3 of the exams 1st time with BSM Kevin then set out working for a BSM branch in Bishops Stortford. Therefore Kevin was thought to be, at the time one of, if not the youngest instructors in the UK due to passing all the exams quickly and efficiently just after his 21st Birthday.

After working for BSM for just 5 months, Kevin then formed Mutlows, and that was just the start! Within 2-3 months, now well into 1991, Kevin started expanding the business and quickly got the school up to 3 cars strong.. One of the instructors working for Kevin at this time was Liz Lines ADI… an asset to Mutlows and still with the team now boasting near on 100 cars in 2015. There are several other ADI’s that joined Kevin’s team in the early/mid 90’s.. Colleen, Alan, Tracey, all still with the team in 2015 which is something Kevin is not only proud of, but truly grateful of every day.

Kevin continued teaching through the 90’s, even whilst the school was expanding, in the late 90’s the school was running around 30 cars with the most being in his hometown of Braintree. Kevin also had a Police career alongside the driving school, and with a great interest in road safety and vehicles in general Kevin gained a number of different driving permits from Response Cars, 4×4, to personnel carriers.

One of our first vehicles to hit the roads in the 1990's

By the year 2000 a decision was made that Kevin would come off the road teaching learners and take on an office role so he could dedicate time expanding the business and put more input into the driving instructor training side of the business. Therefore over the next 15 years Mutlows grew from around 40 cars up to what it is now which is not far from 100. Mutlows is now believed to be one of the biggest independently owned schools not just in East Anglia but also the UK. The school is run on a day to day basis by Kevin and Jackie with the input from other family members also.

Kevin still holds his qualification as an ADI (Approved driving instructor), more importantly he currently holds a grade 6 certificate which is the highest grade achievable and only gained by around 4% of instructors in the UK.. On top of this, when achieving the grade 6, Kevin’s mark sheet was without any fault whatsoever… this is only achieved by around 1-2% of instructors in the UK.

Mutlows is a truly family run set up, whilst Kevin may spend some time within other interests, it will always be a Mutlow running the business on a day to day basis with Kevin overseeing every day.

Mutlows have 2 offices in Essex, and currently 3 instructor training 7 development managers, Alex Johnson, Kevin Parker & Tracey Tyler, they all teach people from scratch to become qualified driving instructors.

Now we have 3 Instructor training & Development Managers, we do still have limited space for anyone willing to train to become an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor). Remember we offer everyone that trains with us a full or part time position within Mutlows. Come and have an informal chat with Kevin Mutlow ADI

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