Driving Instructor training in Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire & Cambridge! One to one Driving Instructor training with grade A Qualified Training Managers.

Instructor training with Mutlows, without the hassle and without the contracts!. Have you fully researched the School that could be providing your ADI training? It is imperative you research through Google, Facebook forums, and alike to ensure you get the right School first time. If you are asked to sign anything ensure you know fully what you are signing.. take it away and have it looked over by a third party Solicitor.

We do not just teach learners! Although established in 1990, we have been teaching people from all walks of life to become driving instructors since 1995… and we do that very well to

Within our group there are currently 3 ADI trainers, Alex Johnson, Kevin Parker & Tracy Tyler, this department is also overseen by Kevin Mutlow.

The basic requirements you need to fulfil to become and ADI (Approved driving instructor) are..

  • To be aged over 21, (you can commence training at 20 ½)
  • To have held a full driving licence for at least 4 years (you can commence training at 3 ½)
  • To be of good character
  • To not have any more than 6 penalty points on your driving licence
  • To pass 3 Driving instructor based exams, known as Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Qualification Process

To simplify the qualification process, we will briefly explain here. Part one is a relatively simple written exam (Multiple choice), on the day of this exam you will also be required to sit the Hazard perception test… Sounds difficult? Its not! None of the qualifying process is rocket science, providing you put the hours in, and providing you study the correct material, it is totally doable! Part two is like taking your L-test all over again, just a slight difference, we need to see you driving to a slightly more advanced standard, you can only make 6 minor faults in this test… and its an hour long. Part three is the one that can get some people, but providing you study, work hard, listen to us, you will pass it. Part three is an instructional technique exam, you have to teach an examiner and demonstrate that learning is taking place.

Need more info on ADI training? Contact us for a free information pack, then come and have a chat with Kevin Mutlow in one of our Essex based offices. Kevin will always be up front with you, he will always tell you within 15 minutes of meeting or talking to you if he thinks you have what it takes, he will not allow you to enter a course and start spending money if he feels you could not do it.

All those that train with Mutlows are offered a position within the school… Mutlows do not require you to enter into a signed agreement to train. You can train with us, walk away when you like, and work with who you like… not all training establishments are the same!

Some of the ADI training team have a Police / military background with several advanced permits for varying vehicles under their belts, some are grade 6 instructors… but we are all here to help and capable of getting your through the process.

Our Team

Mutlows Ltd currently have very close to 100 instructors, this team is spread over East Anglia and is constantly expanding. Of course we have a great feed of new instructors through our instructor training department but on top of this we rely on already qualified ADI’s who are either independent or already franchising to a school but for one reason or another are unhappy. Consider the following very carefully when comparing us to “the rest”. Kevin worked for BSM in 1990, one thing he found hard to grasp was the concept of paying a franchise, then being told to spend literally countless hours going out to get the work himself. He was expected to sit in car parks manning stalls, pound the streets delivering leaflets… oh and did I also say “pay a franchise”? On top of this, although Kevin was Braintree based, he had pupils as far as Harlow and Bishops Stortford. One person was making a profit, and it wasn’t Kevin. When Kevin started Mutlows, there were several ground rules he made, and sticks to … Mutlows will not tie any instructor into a contract.. we want all our team to be with us because they want to be, not because they have to be.

Mutlows vowe to supply its team with work when it is needed, if a franchise is being paid, a large element of that franchise is geared towards marketing. Our ADI’s will never have to go out and self market themselves. In 2013 Mutlows distributed through various distribution agents 1.8 million leaflets though door, in 2014 1.6 million leaflets… that is how big our marketing budget is. Our internet based budget is set to exceed well over £30,000 in 2015/16.

Mutlows know what it is like to have to travel miles to pupil’s houses, it will eat away at the individual ADI’s profits. This is why, with Mutlows, at the outset areas are agreed, we aim to keep ADI’s working 90% of their weeks in their hometowns, with a second area being within 10 miles of their homes for the remaining 10%

Mutlows have regular social events, most of the time paid for by Mutlows, of course they are never compulsory, but we like to see the team together whether it be for a meal or another form of social event where possible.
Like what your reading.. Unhappy with your current franchise, call Kevin Mutlow, come and meet us and see what you think.


Did you know Mutlows don’t use them?
There are schools out there, national and independent that will get you to sign all sorts, I have read the contracts and heard many tales. Please if you do decide to go to a school for training or for a franchise who want a contract signed, get a recommended contract solicitor to go over all the paperwork with a fine tooth comb. Already in 2015 Mutlows have had to assist instructors who have got themselves tied up with national schools and their one sided contracts… please choose who you feel comfortable with to franchise to, but if there is any element of doubt… seek advise.

Contracts are not just for franchises, again some schools will request before you commence training, you also need to sign a contract making it quite clear that you can only work for them once trained. All well and good, but would you rather have a choice?

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